If you're reading this article, this is fantastic news!  Well, mostly fantastic news because it means that you've backed or ordered one of our games, it's arrived on your doorstep, you've excitedly opened it up and were getting ready to play it.  Unfortunately, if you're here - it's probably because you're either missing a component(s) or your game has arrived damaged.  Our manufacturing partners are some of the best in the business and the frequency of missing or damaged components is minimal - but these things still happen.  If you have one of our games and it has a missing component or a component that has sustained damage due to the shipping or manufacturing process, not to worry!  We will make it right as quick as we can! 

Please note that depending on what stage we're at with the game that you need some replacement components for, it could be a bit of a wait.  It pains us if you have flawed a game and we want to fix it right away.  However, if the missing component is from a game that we are in the middle of fulfilling, there will be a bit of a wait for us to set up replacement parts system for a new game.

Damaged Boxes

We understand that backers expect to receive our games in immaculate condition.  At OOMM Games, we REALLY want our games to arrive on your doorstep in perfect shape.  Unfortunately, the reality of well, real life and the nature of our shipping industry, is that we are not always able to get your games to you in perfect condition despite our best efforts.  If there are missing components, we will send out the missing pieces so that your game is complete.  We work with our fulfillment partners to do what we can to make sure that your game gets to you in good condition.  For full transparency, boxes are the most difficult and expensive components to replace (we also never have any replacement boxes available - we'll have extras of almost everything else to send out but not boxes).  All requests for replacement boxes will be evaluated on an individual basis.  If your box is no longer functional - for example, if it has a hole or a split that compromises it's function of holding everything in your game - we will send you a replacement box.  Regrettably, we are unable to replace boxes that have sustained minor cosmetic due to the significant environmental impact of shipping empty boxes, though, depending on the situation, we may be able to offer a discount, perk, benefit, or any other appropriate solution depending on the severity of the damage.

If your box has sustained damage while in transit from the courier or delivery service, it is the customers responsibility to report this damage within 30 days of having received your game and submit photographic documentation so that OOMM Games can file a claim with the courier or delivery service.

We appreciate your support, patience and understanding if you experience these unfortunate circumstances and endeavour to do our best to make sure our backers are happy and are able to enjoy our games.

If this is your situation, submit a ticket or send us an email with the following information:

  • Your name and shipping address
  • The name of the game and a description of your issue.
  • Photographic Evidence is crucial!  Photos of the damaged components (if relevant).  This is especially important if it appears damage was sustained during the shipping process.
  • A description of where or how you acquired the game (Kickstarter/webstore/FLGS)